It’s sunny.

I would have fared well during Victorian times when pasty complexions were all the rage. I am physically unable to tan.  I burn and then freckle.  Pale skin has yet to make its comeback, but luckily for me, parasols have!

Cancan Sun Parasol by Guy de Jean
Vogue, January 1963

Photo via We Heart Vintage.  (Okay, I know it’s not current but I love the photograph.)

Parashell Parasol by DiCesare Designs
Sakura flower parasol series
Sakura Flower Parasol by DiCesare Design
Planetary Parasol
Clock Parasol by Kota Nezu

I love this idea.  Never wear a watch again…carry a parasol!  Japanese designer Kota Nezu created a parasol with a built-in sun dial. Find out how it works here.


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