Put an urchin on it!

sea urchin shells

I came across these amazing sea urchin shells in Manhattan’s Flower District. Sea urchins are pretty amazing, brainless (literally) creatures. When not roaming the oceans of the world, they might be found in fancy floral arrangements. I bought a dozen shells for no other reason than to stare at them. While obsessing over them to my boyfriend, I proclaimed the urchin the “new bird.”  The next day he sent me this painting (made on his iPhone using the Brush app, AKA virtual finger painting).

Put an urchin on it!
iPhone art by Sean McBride

I went with it.

sea urchin

And more of the amazing sea urchin!

Ashley Harwood urchin ornaments
sea urchin ornaments by Ashley Harwood
sea urchin sculpture
"Mothership" by Rachel Joynt
urchin chopsticks
sea urchin lamp (chopsticks cast in resin)
sea urchin by George Shaw
"Echinus Esculentus or Common Sea Urchin" copper engraving by George Shaw, 1809

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