The Super Sweet Onesies Project (+tutorial)

doughnut onesie

This fall is going to be a baby bonanza. Several of my friends will be moms & dads for the first time, which means I had to get an early start on presents! And so the doughnut onesie was born, a perfect mix of practicality and adorability. The pie and cookie versions soon followed.


This project is super simple and requires minimal sewing skills. The only special materials you will need are felt and embroidery thread, and of course, a onesie. It’s best to use wool felt or a wool/acrylic blend. I’m not an expert on infant bodysuits, but these Gerber Organic Onesies seemed to fit the bill quite nicely.


donut materials


donut tutorial

  1. FOR THE DOUGHNUT & GLAZE LAYERS: Cut two felt rings about 3 inches wide. The center hole is about 1 inch in diameter.  I used a goldish-beige color for the bottom ring (the doughnut) and bright pink for the top ring (the glaze). The doughnut layer should be slightly larger than the glaze layer. I cut out two circles of the same size and then trimmed about a millimeter off the the pink circle. Then I cut a hole in the center of each piece. Again, the hole for the pink layer is slightly larger. No need to be exact- it’s a baked good.
  2. FOR THE RAINBOW SPRINKLES: Use at least three bright colors of embroidery thread. Select one of the colors, thread it through an embroidery needle and start sewing. Weave the needle in and out of the glaze layer as if you were basting. The stitches should be random and go all the way around the ring. (If you don’t have embroidery thread, you could triple up with regular sewing thread. Embroidery needles are best as they have larger eyes and sharper points to piece through fabric.) Repeat this step with the other thread colors to create a rainbow sprinkles effect.
  3. Sew the pink glaze layer to the doughnut layer using an overcast stitch (see diagram). Use regular sewing thread for this step. I selected a matching pink thread because I didn’t want the stitches to be visible.  You might want them to be visible.
  4. Sew the doughnut to the onesie, also using an overcast stitch. Select a beige-colored thread if you’d like the stitches to blend in.
overcast stitch
overcast stitch

I can’t wait for the new parents to send me pics of these onesies in action!

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