kitty hack

hidden kitty litter from Ikea side table

Over the weekend, I picked up an awesome Craigslist find for $15– an Ikea “Corras” side table with the intension of making it into a hidden kitty litter.

room view
room view

The entire construction time came in just under 30 minutes and cost less than $20.

And this is how I made it… I removed the four casters by removing the screws fastening the casters to the underside of the table. Then I made the shelf into a door by attaching two hinges to the front of the table (see top photo for reference). Since the shelf came with the table, it was a perfect fit- no need to trim or resize. I didn’t mind the visible hinges,  but you could buy hidden cabinet hinges from the hardware store.

Then I placed the litter box inside as so:

with litter box

The cat accesses the litter box from the back of the side table, which rests a about eighteen inches from the wall.  To clean the litter box, I can access it from the front by opening the newly installed door.  So far the kitty seems to like his new digs!


Ikea “Corras” side table*
2 hinges (like this one)
8 screws (for hinges)

*(Sadly, this little side table has been discontinued but the Rast nightstand would work as a substitute.)

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