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DIY Pineapple & Basil Gin

Gin infusions are great.  Gin infused with pineapple and basil– an instant hit.  The recipe is simple. Waiting patiently for the flavor to infuse is the hard part.

pineapple basil gin

I followed these basic instructions for infusing spirits.  As always, my measurements were approximate.  Basil has a stronger presence than pineapple, so I added the pineapple pieces first and only added the basil leaves on the last day of the infusion.  The pineapple sat for a total of four days and the basil sat for one day.  I then strained the infusion through a coffee filter to remove the pineapple and basil and transferred the infused gin (with the help of a funnel) to a reused maple syrup bottle.  It’s really that simple!


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