a seahorse compilation

Did you know that the female seahorse lays the eggs but the male seahorse carries the unborn youngins in his pouch?  Seahorses also like to swim in pairs with their tails linked together. Pretty cool.  Here is a roundup in homage to this incredible creature.

Make a paper seahorse wall sculpture with a printable PDF pattern.

seahorse wall decor
seahorse wall decor from EcogamiShop

Or crochet your very own seahorse!

seahorse crochet pattern
seahorse crochet pattern from lalylala

I like this nautical-themed mini dish set.

seahorse Ceramic Platter Set
ceramic platter set from Creative Co-op

And here’s the same seahorse design on a canister.  Simple but lovely.

dolomite canister with seahorse design
dolomite canister with seahorse design

Or get this fantastical pillow from Roostery that’s filled with mermaids sleeping on the moon and riding seahorses.

mermaid seahorse fabric pillow cushion
throw pillow with mermaid/seahorse design made from Spoonflower fabrics

They have lots of color options…

Or adorn yourself with a seahorse pendant necklace cast from an actual dried seahorse.

brass cast seahorse necklace
brass seahorse pendant necklace from monteazul

Can you find the seahorse in this art print from society6?

society6 art print
Rainy Days by Judith Clay

I stumbled upon this French site that has many old engravings, often in large format and in color.  I really like botanical illustrations.  Most botanical illustrations are all over Pinterest, but this old image is new to me.  The description reads: “Fish color drawing after ‘Universal Dictionary of Natural History’ Atlas Zoology Volume 2 reptiles and fish by C. d’Orbigny – Paris.”

vintage seahorse illustration
vintage seahorse illustration

Mix the old with the new with this custom vintage iPhone.custom iPhone case with seahorse illustration

Check out this seahorse crest!

seahorse crest from Fairbairn’s Book of Crests
seahorse crest from Fairbairn’s Book of Crests






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