baby gates & playards for apartment living

I went to town researching possible playard options for our small 1.5 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.  Like most city dwellers, we are very short on space. I spend way too much time thinking about purchases that will take up a notable amount of floorspace…like a playpen. In the end, we decided to donate a 4′ x 6′ corner kitchen area to the childproofing cause.  I bought a gated play-pen to enclose the area and covered the wood floor with a Land of Nod rug.  Here are some photos of little Wolfie playing with his beloved “MULA” stacking rings in his new digs.

baby gate enclosure playard
Wolfie in his new playard!
play-pen playard area
4 ft x 6 ft play space

Loving the baby crib mirror that we transferred to the play-pen!

baby crib mirror in play-pen
repurposing the baby crib mirror…



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