crocheted basket

crochet basket

I made this basket a few months ago at an open crafts night at the Kollabora headquarters in Soho, but I just got around to placing it in my apartment.  It’s the perfect holder for the roving wool that I’ve been working with lately.

crochet bowl1

To make: use thick yarn and single crochet a never-ending spiral.





Olek @ Astor Place Cube
Astor Place, NYC 10/3/11

Earlier in the week, Guerilla street artist Olek adorned the Astor Place cube (a scultpural staple of Lower Manhattan) with an enormous crochet covering. The text at the top of the cube reads “I’M STILL PROUD TO SAY WHAT I DO FOR A LIVING.” Sadly, the city removed the cover within a few hours– days of crochet looping destroyed in a matter of minutes. Sigh. If you missed the (extremely) temporary public artwork, check out this video of the pre-dawn installation and see how one covers an unwieldy sculpture in what’s essentially an oversized afghan.

By the way, this isn’t the first time Olek wrapped something in her signature camouflage. With the help of a crochet hook, she’s covered the Wall St. Bull, a bike under the Brooklyn Bridge and an entire studio apartment– just to name a few!

Astor Place Cube
The Cube: Before & After
olek screen grab
Olek covers the cube (screen grab from video)
Olek in her installation at the Christopher Henry Gallery (2011)
Olek installation at the Christopher Henry Gallery (2011)
sculptures- olek
Wall Street Bull (2010)
crocheted piano
crocheted piano & player

Happy Trees & Amigurumi

Do you remember Bob Ross,the eternally calm and contented t.v. painter? For 12 years he showed PBS viewers how to paint a landscape in thirty minutes or less.  The show ended in 1994, but you can still catch him in syndication…or better yet, crochet him!

Bob Ross crochet doll
Bob Ross and his signature "happy trees"


Allison Hoffman of Crafty Is Cool makes Amigurumi dolls of your favorite characters. Amigurumi is the the Japanese art of crocheting small animals or toys.  Nuigurumi is a Japanese word that means stuffed doll, but it refers to sewn fabric items. Ami is from a word that means crocheted or knitted.

These guys look pretty familiar too!

amigurumi dolls