-needle felting-

Student work from QED Astoria

I recently taught two classes at QED in Astoria.  Check out the adorable little creations my students made during the 2.5 hour class.  And if you haven’t been to or heard of QED… in a nutshell, it’s an after-school space for grown-ups with beer and wine. They hold affordable workshops and events of all sorts: arts and crafts, stand-up comedy, tastings, game nights, walking tours, storytelling, gardening, improv, and the list goes on.

student needle felting work student needle felting work

Oh, and I had a surprise eight-year-old student (I usually do not teach kids this craft– the barbed needles are too sharp!) who made this kitten.  She had been watching needle felting videos on Youtube for months and begged her mom to find a needle felting class.

student needle felt work



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