baby gates & playards for apartment living

I went to town researching possible playard options for our small 1.5 bedroom apartment in Brooklyn.  Like most city dwellers, we are very short on space. I spend way too much time thinking about purchases that will take up a notable amount of floorspace…like a playpen. In the end, we decided to donate a 4′ x 6′ corner kitchen area to the childproofing cause.  I bought a gated play-pen to enclose the area and covered the wood floor with a Land of Nod rug.  Here are some photos of little Wolfie playing with his beloved “MULA” stacking rings in his new digs.

baby gate enclosure playard
Wolfie in his new playard!
play-pen playard area
4 ft x 6 ft play space

Loving the baby crib mirror that we transferred to the play-pen!

baby crib mirror in play-pen
repurposing the baby crib mirror…



home decor for the renter – removable wallpaper

Timothy Sue Removable Wallpapers - Cocino Sue
Timothy Sue Removable Wallpapers – Cocino Sue

My sister recently “installed” this gorgeous removable wallpaper from Timothy Sue in her Brooklyn rental. The “Cocino Sue- Desert Sun” abstract design is printed on a polyester fabric material with an adhesive backing that is both removable and repositionable. The paper covers just a small area of a kitchen nook, but it really adds charm and character. This got me thinking about removable wallpaper for our place.  There are SO many options out there– it’s a bit overwhelming.  To narrow down the search, I’ve decided to go with a plant theme. Presenting the finalists:

cactus removable wallpaper
cactus peel and stick wallpaper from Rocky Mountain Decal
removable pineapple wallpaper from CostaCover
removable pineapple wallpaper from CostaCover
Peonies floral removable wallpaper by Chasing Paper
Peonies removable wallpaper by Chasing Paper
Tropical Watercolor Leaves Pattern from Wall Flora Shop
Tropical Watercolor Leaves Pattern from Wall Flora Shop

And for a more dramatic look, I found a few darker designs.

floral dark removable wallpaper
floral dark removable wallpaper from DecoWorks
pineapple removable wallpaper from Hygge & West
pineapple removable wallpaper from Hygge & West

Clock o’clocks

DIY Wall Clock

New year, new apartment, new clock!

clock o'clocks

Sean made this clock from…clocks!  We had been collecting clocks for a few years in preparation for the clock o’clocks.  After countless thrift store visits to find clocks that were just the right size and look, we finally turned to Ebay to complete the collection.  Since the clocks didn’t need to be functional, we were able to purchase a lot of vintage clocks for a reasonable price.

Here are some close ups of my favorites.  If you look at the top photo, you can see how each clock is set to the hour it represents.  11 o’clock is my current favorite.

vintage clock favorites

And if you have sharp eyes, you might notice that one of the clocks is not vintage.  12 o’clock is a modern twin bell alarm clock that we ended up buying from Amazon in the eleventh hour 😉

The actual clock hands were used in our last apartment for our leaf clock, also a Sean original.  In the fall, we collected leaves from Prospect Park and preserved them with glycerin.  Someday I’ll do post on that process.

leaf clock




-diy-, -needle felting-

Learn to needle felt @ Brooklyn Brainery – December 4th

Sculpting with Wool: Needle Felting Basics

needle felting class Brooklyn Brainery

Class description

Location: The Brainery (190 Underhill Ave in Prospect Heights, BK)

From Etsy to Martha Stewart, needle felting has been making the rounds in the craft world. In this three-hour class you’ll learn how toturn un-spun wool into your own miniature 3D creation, and you’ll walk away with a finished project and some basic supplies to continue crafting beyond the classroom. As an added bonus, you’ll finally understand exactly why your wool sweater shrunk in the washing machine.

For the uninitiated, needle felting is the art of sculpting wool with special barbed needles. Stabbing the wool over and over again meshes the wool fibers together, creating a firm, textile object. Needle felting is an ideal craft– it has a quick learning curve, requires minimal supplies and can be done almost anywhere. Join us for a relaxed night of crafting!