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Student work from QED Astoria

I recently taught two classes at QED in Astoria.  Check out the adorable little creations my students made during the 2.5 hour class.  And if you haven’t been to or heard of QED… in a nutshell, it’s an after-school space for grown-ups with beer and wine. They hold affordable workshops and events of all sorts: arts and crafts, stand-up comedy, tastings, game nights, walking tours, storytelling, gardening, improv, and the list goes on.

student needle felting work student needle felting work

Oh, and I had a surprise eight-year-old student (I usually do not teach kids this craft– the barbed needles are too sharp!) who made this kitten.  She had been watching needle felting videos on Youtube for months and begged her mom to find a needle felting class.

student needle felt work


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Student needle felt creations!

I’ve been teaching more and more needle felting classes throughout the city, and the work that is being made is just amazing.  Here are some of the latest needle felting creations.

From the Brooklyn Brainery class on December 4th:

Needle Felting Creations from Brooklyn Brainery

From the Brooklyn Brainery class on February 12th:

student needle felt workstudent needle felt work

student needle felt work


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Cozy Cat Cave Collection

felt cave cat bed

Have you seen the latest in cat habitats? These comfy wool hideaways are made using a wet felting technique that relies on soap, water and agitation to bind the wool fibers together.  Not only do cats (and tiny pups) love them but owners also love them because they actually look good!  So many pet products have such bad design but not these felt cocoons.  Another plus is that wool has natural antibacterial properties, so it doesn’t get stinky. Check out these amazing cat caves.

cat cave
by MelinaStudio


felt cat bed cave
by WoolyCatCaves
Cat bed - cat cave - cat house
by AgnesFelt
felt cat cave bed
by CatGeeks
wool felt cat cave bed
by vaivanat
wool cat cave bed
by Kittycentric

You can also make a felt cat cave at home.  Here and here are two great tutorials.

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Learn to needle felt @ Brooklyn Brainery – December 4th

Sculpting with Wool: Needle Felting Basics

needle felting class Brooklyn Brainery

Class description

Location: The Brainery (190 Underhill Ave in Prospect Heights, BK)

From Etsy to Martha Stewart, needle felting has been making the rounds in the craft world. In this three-hour class you’ll learn how toturn un-spun wool into your own miniature 3D creation, and you’ll walk away with a finished project and some basic supplies to continue crafting beyond the classroom. As an added bonus, you’ll finally understand exactly why your wool sweater shrunk in the washing machine.

For the uninitiated, needle felting is the art of sculpting wool with special barbed needles. Stabbing the wool over and over again meshes the wool fibers together, creating a firm, textile object. Needle felting is an ideal craft– it has a quick learning curve, requires minimal supplies and can be done almost anywhere. Join us for a relaxed night of crafting!

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Learn to needle felt @ Brooklyn Craft Co. – November 5th

Needle Felted Pets // Nov 5


Create a tiny woolen replica of your favorite pet! In just three hours you can learn the craft of needle felting, and create a mini animal modeled after any dog, cat or other pet of your choosing. (And if you’re not a pet person, you can really make any shape at all!)

In this workshop you’ll learn:

  • The basics of needle felting, including an overview of tools, supplies and techniques
  • How to form raw wool fibers into intricate shapes
  • How to replicate a specific animal of your choice

All necessary materials will be included: we’ll provide wool roving in a variety of colors as well as needle felting tools, and great instruction. Students are encouraged to bring a photograph of the pet they want to create as reference, but this is optional.