DIY music video props

Over the summer, I helped a very talented friend/director/cinematographer Paul Yee  with a music video he directed and produced for the Japanese punk band Peelander-Z. The video “Mad Tiger”  is part live-action lolcat and part kiddie show weirdness. I made the Peelander-Z dolls (P-Green, P-Yellow, P-Pink and The Squid) that are viciously attacked by a mad tiger, known in real life as Cobi the cat.  The prop budget was limited, so I used scrap fabric for the bodies, buttons for the eyes, and catnip and cotton balls for the stuffing.

Peelander-Z doll - before & after

Did I mention the karaoke subtitles?

Peelander-Z video stills
screen grabs from "Mad Tiger" music video

Paul has done some amazing camera work for other music videos, independent films and commercials.  Check out “Moves” (The New Pornographers) and “Bottled in Cork”  (Ted Leo + Pharmacists).


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